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Christenings, Acceptance, Recognition

Ceremonies, in which we recognize / the truth of our Oneness with the Divine /

Some say the Mona Lisa is the most beautiful painting in the world.

In the ceremony of Recognition, we accept the truth of the new members' oneness with God.

Within the New Thought tradition, the first step in prayer is called "recognition". This is the step in which we acknowledge or recognize that God is everything and the source of all that is. In the ceremony of Recognition, we recognize the truth of the child's or person's Unity and Oneness with God / Great Spirit / the Divine. This can be compared to Christening or Baptism with the key difference being that in Recognition we are not washing away anything, we are recognizing the truth of our Source and welcoming this wonderful new being into our midst as part of our community.

The Wedding, the Recognition (Baptism) , the Feast of Celebration and the Release (Memorial), all mark important moment within our lives. We understand the human need for marking these moments and remembering them with. Recognition is the divine way of welcoming our delightful angels into our lives. We can celebrate Recognition at any time in our lives and more than once.

  • In the words of Rev. Dr. Glenn Chaffin: "Baptism is an outward ritual that intends to reveal the inner spirit of God, which is the life and essence of the child now, as it has always been."
  • Some New Thought ministers prefer to call it Recognition, others prefer Christening. Once again in the words of Rev. Dr. Glenn Chaffin:
  • "We are gathered here today to baptize and christen this child, the son / daughter of _____________________; and to recognize that he / she is the child of God."
  • We understand the human need for marking these moments and remembering them with.

If there is another ceremony that would help you on your Spiritual Journey, please ask. At our Spiritual Community we are "open at the top".
To us this that there is always room for you because to us, when you walk in, we know it is by Divine Appointment.

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