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Ceremonies of Release

are called wakes, memorials and Celebrations of a Life Lived / We support you in this time of Release /

Some say the Mona Lisa is the most beautiful painting in the world.

Release: Celebrating our time with a wonderful soul.

Within Spiritual Mind Treatment the first step is recognition which is the acknowledgment that God is everything.

The last step in Spiritual Mind Treatment is called "Release." Release is when we "let go and let God". Some people like to call this an "End of Life Celebration" in the sense that it is a celebration of the time we spent with this person.

The idea of a gathering that is characterized by loving and uplifting emotion echoes Taoist and Buddhist beliefs that for 40 days (approximately 6 weeks) after the death of a person, his or her spirit is in a state of transition. Medical science and post "near death" interviews have confirmed that the person dying is conscious of what is going on around them during the dying process. There is a dominant global cross-cultural belief that this period of time, 40 days, the person is in transition. In the Tibetan tradition, this is called moving through the Bardos. We can support both the decedent and the bereaved in this process.

  • In New Orleans, the tradition of a Jazz Memorial combining eulogies, music, banquet and festive drinking is also a blueprint for the celebration of release.
  • In the Tibetan tradtion people usually refrain from intense emotional expressions for 42 after the death due to the understanding that the deceased can hear or experience intense emotions.
  • In English, these traditions are variously called wakes, funerals.
  • We understand the human need for marking these moments and remembering them with.

Within the cycle of life, there come times in which loved ones die. Sometimes this is a relative, or a friend, and sometimes a pet. We will help you during this time to find your best way to deal with the situaton..

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